The poster session at the IFBF encourages a very high engagement and exchange of ideas between authors and delegates, and provides authors with the opportunity to:

  • Give a short oral introduction in a plenary session (maximum 60 seconds and one slide). Due to the high number of posters you will need to apply to do a speed pitch (one poster application per institution). A decision will be made based on the content of your poster. Please email:
  • Present a poster paper in the plenary poster session
  • Provide a written two-page mini paper for publication in the book of proceedings, alongside oral presented papers.

Your Poster should be A0 size (portrait). (1189 mm high * 841 mm wide). Please use a margin of 50 mm on all sides. The poster should have a white background and is to be a single sheet of paper. If you do not wish to use the full space, please use A1. Note: we will provide space for only one poster. If you need to display more than one poster please contact the office to apply for a second poster position to ensure we have space available.

Please include the IFBF logo, blue on white at a size of 100 mm high, set 50 mm from the right margin at the top right-hand corner of your poster. The logo can be found here.

We have provided a template for you to use in laying out your poster. Please note the following: Title to be in sentence case. Capitalise the initial letter of the first word only, and for proper names. The authors’ names to be in upper and lower case as Given name Family name.

Please set out the contents of your poster to be clearly legible and informative. Poster presenters have the option to submit a synopsis (between 150 words and two pages (two page mini paper) including illustrations) of their poster to be published in the proceedings. Please follow the guidelines for papers as shown on the instructions for mini-papers. The deadline for submission for your poster and two-page mini-paper is 15 May 2020.

Please print your poster and bring it with you to the conference venue. We will provide a poster board and fixing materials.

We must receive an electronic file (unlocked Microsoft publisher or adobe file preferred) by 15 May 2020 to ensure the poster complies with the conditions of layout as shown above and to place a link to your poster on the website shortly after the conference. Please submit your poster presentation and include your two-page mini paper using your Oxford Abstracts login. We will use your name and the title of your poster as the introduction to your 1-2 minute speed pitch. If you wish to add any further details please provide a brief description of the topic, including your poster title. This should not be any more than 2-3 lines.

Please ensure you remember to register your attendance. If you are unable to meet this deadline or have any questions please contact us.